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IB980 PICMG 1.3, LGA1150, Intel® Q87 PCH Chipset
w/ for Intel® 4rd Gen. Core™ i7 / i5 / i3 Full Size CPU Card

IB980AF Full Size Slots CPU Card for Backplane PICMG 1.3

  • Supports 4rd Generation Intel Core™ i7 / i5 QC/DC and Pentium processors
  • 2x DDR3-1600 -DIMM, Max 16GB
  • Intel ® Processor integrated graphics device, supports CRT, DVI-D, 24-bit dual channel LVDS
  • Dual Intel® PCIe Gigabit LAN
  • 4x USB3.0, 5x USB2.0, 4x COM, 4x SATAIII, 1x Mini PCI-E slot
  • Watchdog timer, iSMART3.0 - auto-scheduler, power resume, low temperature guardian
  • Digital I/O, iAMT(9.0), TPM(1.2


CPU Socket 
4th Gen. Intel Core DT i7/i5/i3/Pentium Qc/Dc Processors

2.3GHz ~ 3.8GHz (TDP=45W~77W)

Intel® Q87 PCH

AMI BIOS, ACPI supported

System Memory 
Two DDR3-1600 sockets; Up to 16GB , w/o ECC

Integrated VGA 
4th Gen. Intel® GFX Integreted, HD5000 IGX
Maximum shared memory of 1024MB
Supports VGA, DVI-D
24-bit dual channel LVDS (on IB980AF)

Intel i217LM Gigabit LAN PHY (IB980AF)
Intel i217V Gigabit LAN (IB980F)

Intel i211AT Gigabit LAN (as 2nd LAN)
iAMT 9.0

Intel® Q87 PCH built-in HD audio with Realtek ALC662 codec for 5.1 channel output

Multi I/O 
Fintek F81846AD-I,
3xRS232,1xRS232/422/485(Jumper-less selecting),
4x SATA III, 1x LPT (IB980F)

4x ports 3.0(2 by Pin-Headers), 4x ports 2.0 (Pin-headers), 1 port via MiniPCIe

Serial ATA Interface 
4 x SATA III (one SATA shared with mSATA)
RAID compatible

Hardware Monitoring 
iSmart 3.0, Monitors system/CPU temperature and voltage status

Watchdog Timer 
Generates system reset; 256 levels

Digital I/O 
4 in and 4 out

Expansion Slots 
Mini PCIe socket x1 [Dual Size], [Support USB client & mSATA]

Edge Connectors 
DB15 x1 for VGA, RJ45 x 2 for LAN 1 & 2, USB x2

Onboard Header connectors
DF11-20 pins pin-header x1 for DVI-D, DF13-20 pins pin-header x 2 for 24-bit dual channel LVDS (IB980AF), 1x4 pins box header x 1 for LCD brightness control (IB980AF), DF11-20 pins box-header x1 for COM1/2, DF11-20 pins box-header x1 for COM3/4, 2x4 pins pin-header x 2 for USB 2.0 #1-4, 2x6 pins pin-header x1 for Audio (Line-Out, Line-In & Mic), 2x5 pins pin-header x 1 for Digital I/O, 4 pins pin-header x1 for CPU fan (PWM smart fan), 3 pins pin-header x1 for system fan, SATA x 4 Blue connectors for SATA 3, 2X10 pins pin-header x 1 for front panel indicators, 2x2 ATX 12v power-in

Form Factor 
Full Size CPU Card, PICMG 1.3

338mm x 126mm (13.31" x 4.96")

Power Source:
Backplane: +5V, +3.3V, +12V, -12V & 5VSB
SBC Onboard: 12v 2x2 PIN

Power Consumption 

Others Notes:
RoSH, Lan WakeUp, Extra mounting hole as IB980, TPM 1.2 Supported (IB980AF)


Ordering Information
IB980F - LGA1150 PICMG 1.3 Intel Q87 Full-Size CPU Card
w/ VGA, DVI-D, LPT, Dual Gigabit LAN, TPM1.2, iAMT9.0, iSmart3.0

IB980AF - LGA1150 PICMG 1.3 Intel Q87 Full-Size CPU Card
w/ VGA, DVI-D, 24-bit LPT, Dual Gigabit LAN, TPM1.2, iAMT9.0, iSmart3.0

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