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Mid-Tower case for High-end Business Solution
Screw Less


Drives Bays
  5.25 (x4) 3.25 (x5)
Thermally Advantaged Design

80, 92 or 120 mm rear fan
92 or 120 mm front fan
Meet Intel Thermal Requirement for all class
Slot bracket with venting holes
Excellent EMI Solution
EMI liner for slot windows
EMI liner on chassis edges
Easy Installation and Maintenance
Fan holder for 120mm rear fan installation no screw
Easy bezel removal design screwless
Screwless slide rails for 5.25" and 3.5" devices
Optional Screwless holder for add-on card installation
Safe Assembly
Folded edge for each part
Membrane of side cover to avoid scratch
Configuration Flexibility
Screw-mounted or rail-mounted for 5.25" and 3.5"devices
Optional extra 2-bay or 4-bay HDD cage
Rack mountable by tray
Maximum Security
Support Kensington lock, optional intrusion switch and keylock
Side cover latch
USB 2.0 (x2) Audio (AC97+H) (x2) IEEE1394 (option)
    Power Led, HDD Led, Power On/Off System Reset
Motherboard Maximal Size
    ATX (12"x9.6")

Dimension (W x H x D)

198mm x 425mm x 500mm,
7.8" x 16.7" x 19.7"

Ordering Information

SYS-IBT-CORPO08 - Mid-Tower case, Silver/black, no power supply


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