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RAIL01 Rackmount Bearing Rails

RAIL01RAIL01 Inside

2 to 4U PC Bearing Rail Kit


* 2U 3U 4U Sliding Rail Kit
* 26" to 31" Adjustable Depth
* Smooth Ball Bearing Action
* Inside-Inside or Outside-Outside Mounting

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RAIL01 - Rackmount Sliding Rails

RAIL02 Universal monitor Rackmount Bracket

RAIL01 Inside
Universal VESA Mount Rackmount
(Up to 19 inch)

Provides an easy installation of installing a LCD monitor onto cabinets and racks. Sturdy steel frame
construction enforces stability and durability.


* Ideal for Cabinet & Open Frame Rack
* Universal VESA Mounting Bracket
* Easy Installation and Quick Assemble and Disassemble

* Cost-Effective Solution
* Compatible with 19" or Smaller Monitors (or less than 17" widescreen)
RAIL01 InsideRAIL01 Inside

Ordering Information
RAIL02-LCD -Universal VESA mount for Rackmount

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