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PBP14A7 PICMG Active Backplane
Active PICMG Backplane for ISA and PCI

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- 3rd generation design of Backplanen
- Enhanced PCB thickness to prevent bending
- Specially designed capacitor which lowers the ESR and prevents explosion
- Well-designed power ensures sufficient power is delivered to every slot

What is active backplane?

To support more PCI slots (such as 7, 12 and 18 slots), we adopt the most popular PCI bridge chipset to extend PCI slots. Traditional Backplanes only allow passive components to be put on the Backplanes. To meet this demand, we put the active chipset on the Backplanes.Therefore, they will be no longer called “Passive Backplanes” but “Active Backplanes”.

1. Fit for any 14-slot chassis
2. Suitable for advanced CTI application
3. ATX power connector support


  • PICMG x 2
  • PCI slot x 7
  • ISA slot x 5
  • Born, AT, ATX power connector
  • PCI Bridge controller
  • Dimention: 317(L) x 257(W) mm;12.48"(L) x 10.12"(W)

  • Ordering Information
    - 14-slot (7xPCI) active PICMG backplane
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