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OM1500 - 15 Inch Ultra Bright Display
Open Frame LCD Display 1500 nits LED backlight
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Ultra Bright Display LCD screens are the latest in screen technology using LED back light commonly known in the industry as anti-reflective. This technology has won much praise for its high-gloss, sharp contrast, anti-reflective finish. We are sure once you have seen this technology for yourself, you won't believe your eyes.

This 15-inch has 1500 nits of brightness and can be connected with VGA or DVI-I with a computer. Right now the MON-OM1500 is a Open-Frame ready to be embedded in any of your chassis, but if you think this screen may fit for better solution for you, contact us.

Specifications and Features:

    Panel Display:
    - 15 " 4:3 Industrial grade TFT WXGA LCD Solution
    ( 1024 x 768 @ 1500 nits )
    - DC12V single power input Din-type
    - Aluminium metal housing
    - A/D Board ( VGA/DVI version)
    - OSD Control button ( Top or Back positioned )
    - Size: 23.3(L) x 6.8(W) x 16.4(H) cm

    - VGA Cable
    - DVI Cable
    - 12v AC power Pack 3.5A
    - Touch Screen


    MON-OM1500 15 Inch 1500nits Open-Frame Monitor (with VGA/DVI)
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