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OID4200 - Outdoor Industrial DIsplay

Outdoor Industrial Display 42 Inch size with dynamic temperature control using heat pump.


good for digital signage or any kind of video presention from distance source.


IP65 waterproof housing
The outdoor special display glass
Plate and outdoor housing as treatment Corrosion resistance up to 7 years
Display area: 930 * 523mm
brightness 700 up to 1500cd/m2
Resolution 1920 * 1080
Industrial-grade power supply

Video Interface VGA HDMI
Iintegrated of air conditioning for Heating and cooling temperature control
Patented technology cooling duct design
Normal working environment -40 to +55 degrees for direct sunlight LCD screen before getting black.

Ordering Information

OID4207 – Unit with 42 Inch LCD at 700 nits
OID4215 – Unit with 42 inch LCD at 1500 nits

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