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MI945P - Intel™ Core™2 Duo Mini-ITX Motherboard
Socket P 479, GM45 Chipsets, PCIe (x16) and PCI (x32)



CPU Socket
Socket P
Intel™ Core™2 Quad / Core™2 Duo processors
Up to 2.53GHz or above
like Q9100 2.26GHz / 12M or Q9000 and T9400
CPU Front Side Bus ( FSB )
667 / 800 / 1066MHz
Intel™ GM45 Chipset
ICH9M (MI945P) or ICH9ME (MI945PR, MI945PA)
System Memory
Two SO-DIMM DDR2 sockets,
up to 8GB 667/800MHz DDR2 no ECC
Video Integrated
Chipset built-in GM45 / GMA 4500MHD
VGA CRT, LVDS (18/24bit) interface
Shared memory, max. 1GB DVMT 5.0
daughter card support for
2nd CRT, RCA, s-video or HDTV, dual DVI
Dual Intel Gigabits Lan
- Intel 82567LM Gigabit LAN
- Intel 82574L PCI-E Gigabit LAN
RJ-45 on board
ICH9M built-in audio + AC97 codec 7.1 ALC888
(Line out, Line, Mic jacks on board)
W83627DHG-P +Fintek Fintek 81216G chipset supports 3xCOM(RS232), 1xCOM(RS232/422/485), Hardware Monitor
Serial ATA Interface
4x SATA II ports, 3Gb/s
PATA Interface (IDE)
1xIDE using (PCI-E to PATA)
2 IDE devices featuring UDMA33/66/100

  • Processor Socket P
  • Support Intel™ Core™2 Quad / Core™2 Duo processors
  • 667/800/1066MHz FSB
  • DDR2 SO-DIMM x2, Max. 8GB
  • Dual Gigabit LAN
  • Integrated GM45 VGA for CRT and LVDS
  • 8x USB 2.0, 4x SATA II, 4x COM, 1xIDE40
  • PCI-E(x16), PCI(32)
  • No Bus I/O, CF or PCIe(1x) socket
  • Optional Intel™ AMT 4.0 and RAID

Serial Ports
1x RS-232/422/485 and 3x RS-232 ports
USB (2.0)
8 USB 2.0 ports (4 on board, 4 via pin header)
Digital I/O
4 in / 4 out
Award (MI945P) / AMI (MI945PR, MI945PA)
Watchdog Timer
Generates system reset; 256 levels
Hardware Monitoring
Monitors system/CPU temperature and voltage status
Expansion Slot
1x PCI-E (x16)
1x PCI32 (supports 2 masters)
Edge Connectors
PS/2 keyboard and mouse,
COM1, VGA, two RJ45 /w USB stack,
6 connections Audio 7.1
Onboard Connectors
IDE, CF, Digital I/O, COM2/3/4 4x USB, 2x LVDS, audio, CD in, 4x SATA II
Power Connector
ATX, 20-pin
Form Factor
170mm x 170mm (6.7 x 6.7 inch)
Power Comsumption:
Intel™ Core™2 Duo T9400 2.53GHz w/ 1GB DDR3-1066 +12V: 2.12A +5V: 2.97A

Environmental Factors:
Operating Temperature: 0°C~60°C (32°F~140°F)
Storage Temperature: -20°C~80°C (-4°F~176°F)
Relative Humidity: 10%~90% (non-condensing)
MI945P Connectors

Ordering Information

MI945P - Intel™ GM45 Mini-ITX Socket P Motherboard w/ VGA and Dual Gigabit LAN
MI945PR - Intel™ GM45 Mini-ITX Socket P Motherboard w/ VGA, Dual Gigabit LAN and Raid SATA (ICH9EM)
MI945PA - Intel™ GM45 Mini-ITX Socket P Motherboard w/ VGA, Dual Gigabit LAN and Raid, Intel™ AMT 4.0

Add-on daughter bus cards: Add-on Mini-PCI or Mini-PCIe cards:
no options availlable as daughter bus cards,
but PCI and PCIe 16x are.
No Mini-PCI or Mini-PCIe options availlable.
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TV-out Cables with RCA and SVHS connectors  

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