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LE-565 VIA V4 Eden Fanless Miniboard
with 4 x Gigabit Ethernet


LE-565 Specifications

The fanless LE-565 meets the requirements for enterprise and residential network applications. this single board consists the highly efficient VIA V4 Eden 1GHz processor, drawing a Max. power 5W with VIA Padlock Security Engine and VIA CN700 Enhanced digital media chipset, Features: a robust shared memory architecture and support fir high bandwidth DDR 400 memory, combined with VIA VT8237R+ South Bridge, including native Serial ATA and V-RAID, with support for RAID 0 / 1 and 0+1.

Form Factor 5.25" Miniboard, 146 x 203 mm or 5.75" x 8.00"
CPU Onboard embedded VIA V4 Eden 1 GHz CPU
Chipset VIA CN700 & VT8237R+
Memory Onboard optional 256 MB DDR SDRAM and one 184-pin slot supports additional 1GB DDR SDRAM.

Real Time Clock Chipset integrated RTC with onboard lithium battery
Watchdog Timer Generate system reset with 1 to 255 Sec./Min of time out value
PCI Enhanced IDE Dual Channels support 4 ATAPI devices up to UDMA/133. One 40-pin and one 44-pin IDE Port for 2.5" notebook-size HDD, slim CD-ROM/DVD/CD-RW and cable free DOM (DiskOnModule).

VGA Interface VIA CN700 integrated UniChrome pro 2D/3D Graphics controller and max 64 MB of video memory shared with system memory

LVDS interface
VIA VT1636 LVDS transmitter, 18/24-bit Dual channel LVDS
Serial ATA interface 2 x Serial ATA interfaces , RAID 0 / 1 / 0+1 support
LAN Interface 4 x Realtek RTL8110S-32 Gigabit Ethernet controller


- Powerful embedded computing capacity with VIA V4 Eden 1GHz CPU
- Onboard optional 256 MB DDR SDRAM for embedded / anti-vibration / low profile embedded applications
- Integrated 3D/2D Graphics controller and max up to 64 MB shared with system memory
- 4 x 10/100/1000BASE-T Ethernet interface
- 4 serial and 1 parallel ports for POS / multiple I/O application.
- Expansible Interface: One PCI expansive slot supports up to 2 PCI add-on cards via an additional riser card and one Mini-PCI socket
- Integrated CompactFlash interface supports CFC (Compact Flash Card)

Expansible Interface One PCI expansive slot supports up to 2 PCI add-on cards via an additional riser card and one Mini-PCI socket ( the second PCI Bus master of PCI slot is shared with Mini-PCI )

Environment Power
Requirement: +12V P4 4-pin power connector or
+12V DC jack input connector

Operation Temperature 0 ~ 60 °C(32 ~ 140°F)
Board Dimension (L x W ) 146 x 203 mm or 8.00 x 5.75.
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