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IPP15 - Industrial 15"Panel PC
with Intel Atom Processors and available as POS system
Product Detail

IPPC1500 Back view as POSBack View


  • 15" Panel PC, with touch screen.
  • Resolution 1024x768, 250nits, 500:1
  • Resistive Touch Screen
  • Fanless system
  • I/O ports: PS2 KB/Mouse, 100 LAN x1, COM port x3, USB port x6, PCI Slot x1
  • 2.5" HD space
  • DOM (Disk on Memory module) (option)
  • Customer Display and Credit Card Reader (option)
  • NEMA4 front panel


  Screen: 352 x 279 x 76mm (14"x 11"x 3") (W H D)
  Card reader: 25 x 88mm (1" x3.5")

 Operation Environment: -20 ~ 60C
 Storage Temperature: -30 ~ 70C
 Humidity: 60C, 90% RH 280 HR
    Weight Informations:
    18.6 < LB in Ready to ship / Packed (1 box)
    15 < LB Main units with stand
All wires and connectors are hidden under a plate
IPPC1500 Back view as POS


  Mainboard: MI8100
  Processor: ATOM N270 1.6GHz
  Memory: 2 GB
  Storage: DOM (16~32G-SSD or CF) (option)
  Storage: 80GB-HDD 2.5
  I/O: 1xSerial 232(DB9M),1xSerial 422
  I/O: LPT(DB25F), 8xUSB2.0
  I/O: KB/MOU(PS2), Gigabit Ethernet
  Watchdog timer 256 levels

Display Screen:
 Type: TFT LCD 15" BackLight
 Resolution 1024x768 DPI
 Brightness: 250nits, 500:1

  Touchscreen: analog 5 Wire Resistive
  Film Type: Polished, Anti-glare or Anti-reflective
  Response time 35ms max
  Edge compensation
  Input Method: finger, pen, or gloved hand
  Touch Durability: 35 millions times single location
  Surface Scratching 1 Million times (250gf 60mm/s)
  Surface Pitting - 35 Million times (250gf 2 times/s)
  Light Transmission: Standard 80%
  Supported Operating Systems
  MS-DOS, Windows, Linux etc
  Operation Environment: -20 ~ 60C
  Storage Temperature: -30 ~ 70C
  Humidity: 60C, 90% RH 280 HR

POS options:
Customer Display: (optionnal)
  Display: 20 columns X 2 lines.
  User-defined characters can be downloaded.
  Compatible: Esc/Pos command
  Interface: Serial integrated
  Attachment: on foot or over a pole
  Display Color: Blue-Green
  Brightness: 700 cd/m2
  Character Size 9.0 x 5.25 mm
  View angle: 0~45 degree
  Rotation angle: 90 degree vertical
  Dimension: 225(W) x 28.5(H) x 10(D) (1"1/8 x 1"3/4)
  Operating Temperature: 0~45c 10~90RH
  Storage Temperature: -10~50c 10~90RH
  MTBF (power on time): 25000 hours 

Side Screen Card Reader: (optionnal)
 Magnetic card reader: Universal
 Interface: PS2 integrated


Mainboard Specifications:

Motherboard specs
System Board and Processing :
Mainboard name: MB8100
Processor: Intel Atom N270 Single core 1.60Ghz/512K cache
FSB 533 Mhz Processor
with Hyper-Threading and Intel Speedstep™ Technology
System Chipset Intel 945GSE + ICH7M
System Memory DDR2 DIMM module, max. 2GB ( Default 2.0GB )
BIOS Award 8Mbit
Ethernet 10/100/1000 Realtek 8111C
Video VGA (CRT/LVDS-24bit)
Audio ICH7M integrated audio with AC97 Codec 
Serial 3 x RS-232 + ( COM2 can be configurable to RS-422/485 )
USB 8 x USB 2.0
KB / Mouse Connector 2 x PS/2


Options and Accessories:  

Card Reader
( optional )

MSR track 1,2,

Stand ( optional )

Tilting angle 10 deg. To 90 deg. Countertop Stand

Storage (selectable)

2.5 inches 40GB / 80GB / 160GB / 320GB and up
or SSD 1G / 2G / 4G / 8G / 16G / 32G and up
or Compact flash 2.0GB / 4.0GB / 8.0GB / 16GB and up

OS Optional

Windows XP Professional / Embedded / WePOS/POS2009 Ready


    Ordering Information
    IPP15/8100POS - POS SYSTEM with 15" , Stand, Card reader, Customer Display, CPU,Memory and Storage
    0 - 15" Panel PC with touch screen and (MI812) CPU,Memory,Storage

    Weight Informations:
    18.6 < LB in Ready to ship / Packed (1 box)
    15 < LB Main units with stand
Accronyme: *RTS - Resistive touch sensibility *SAW - Sound Accoustic Wave *IR - Infrared Legacy *NEMA4(IP65) - Environnement resistance
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