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Portable DVR - IDK-201 Series
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Format NTSC / EIA or PAL / CCIR
Compression MPEG-4
Input 2CH (3.5 jacks) / 4 pins dins
Output 1CH (3.5mm Jack) Composite
Input 2CH (RCA)
Output 1CH (RCA)
Resolution 640x360 @ 30 fps
Frame Rate Real Time
Division none
640 x 360 @ 30 fps
Frame Rate
30 fps
Quality Super / High / Normal / Basic
Mode Continue / Snapshoot
Continue 640x360 @ 30fps MPEG4
SnapShoot 320x240 JPEG
Data Storage:
Media Compact flash SD any size
Status Panel 3x LED

Internal Li-Ion Batterie 12v
External: Ac adaptor 120v
Power Consumtion: 300mA

Operation Temperature -10c to +55c
Dimension 140mm(L)x75mm(W)x27mm
Weight 190g
Reference informations:
SD card
Recording time Photos Capture
256MB 120 min (2h) 5,800 pcs
512MB 210 min (3,5h) 11,600 pcs
1024MB 390 min (6,5h) 23,200pcs
2048MB 750 min (12,5h) 46,400pcs
4096MB 1500 min (25h) 92,800pcs
The above Recording Time and Capture Frames information is only for reference purpose. The actual Recording Time and Capture Frames depend on the screen, environment and background. For example: Since full dynamic screens occupy more memory, therefore the relative recording time will shorten.

Portable DVR best fit law enforcement model and also for mobile DVR and baby monitoring

● Smallest, Lightweight, Portable Digital Audio Video Mini Recorder.
● Digital Audio Video Recording Compression: MPEG-4 near DVD quality.
● Video Playback Resolution up to 640 x 360, (Digital Zoom Enlarged) (30fps/sec. Real Time).
● Picture Resolution: JPEG format (640 x 480).
● Battery Life Time: 2.5hrs ~ 3hrs. (±10%).
● Maximum Recording Time: 7hrs / 1GB
● Data Storage by SD Card and able to use with any size of capacity.
● Built-in Rechargeable Li-Ion battery.
● OSD Menu Operation
● Enables to display the information of SD capacity.


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IDK-210 Portable/Mobile DVR and baby monitoring

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