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IDD-3016 DVR Series


- 16 video channels with up to 320 (model A)/480 (model B) frames per second.
- Support 4 (model A)/16 (model B) audio channels.
- 3U desktop form factor design to provide effective heat dissipation.
- Model A with software SMICT compression algorithm; recording 20 fps/channel, provide more compact solution for long time recording.
- Model B with hardware MPEG-4 compression on-chip; recording 30 fps/channel, provide real-time video quality in all modes.
- Multitask capability supports recording, playback, and monitoring at the same time.
- Provide full alarm function with Email and Emap Features:.
- Watchdog function to support auto-restart.
- Remote monitoring through TCP/IP network.
- Auto-return to recording mode after power failure


Main Board Unit Industrial grade main board design
Video-In Standard 16 channels BNC jack for camera
Video-Out Standard 15-pin D-Sub VGA connector
Audio-In Standard 4 (model A)/16 (model B) channels RCA jack for microphone
Audio-Out Standard stereo jack for speaker
Video Resolution Model A with NTSC 640 x 480/ PAL 640 x 576 pixels
Model B with NTSC 704 x 480/ PAL 704 x 576 pixels

Model A with SMICT software compression
Model B with MPEG-4 hardware compression on-chip

Frame Rate
Model A with max 320 frames in total for 16 channels
Model B with max 480 frames in total for 16 channels

Monitoring Mode
Model A with 30 fps/channel (max)
Model B with 30 fps/channel (max)
Recording Mode Model A with 20 fps/channel (max)
Model B with 30 fps/channel (max)
Compress Rate Support from 1:40 up to 1:2400
Input Source Most PTZ camera and Speed Dome supported
I/O Control 16 digital ports for external device access/control
Watchdog Programmable for system auto-restart in recovery
Backup Support PC-based device (CD-RW, DVD+RW, DAT, MO, ZIP, and RAID)
Networking RJ45 CAT5 for TCP/IP Ethernet connection
Rear Panel Support PS/2 keyboard, mouse, USB, SIO, and PIO ports
System Recovery Back to auto-recording mode after recovery from power failure
Power Supply 200W ATX, 110~240V auto voltage
Protection Support system password and chassis key lock
Dimensions 14.2"(W) x 15.4"(D) x 5.3"(H)
Storage Bay 5.25" x 2, 3.5" x 2


Recording Mode Normal, recycle, and programmable schedule
Storage Warning Indicate available remaining space in the system storage
Monitoring Mode Support motion detection
Auto-Scan Auto-enlarge 1 channel output at a time during recording/monitoring
Alarm Warning Programmable warning message through phone, mobile, and email
Emap Support Easy to locate triggered, disconnected, or non-working alarm devices
Dual Access Live or remote monitoring for both video and audio at the same time
Image Quality Adjustable compression rate of the recording frames
Multitasking Recording, playback, and monitoring can all be done at the same time
Printing Function Snapshot printing with date, time, place, and camera name
Remote Viewing Remote monitoring through Internet connection by other DVR systems
Device Control Navigate PTZ device and access external sensor/detector
OS Platform Windows 2000 Professional

Ordering Information

IDD-3016A Industrial DVR. Software SMICT compression algorithm; recording 20 fps/channel

IDD-3016B hardware MPEG-4 compression on-chip; recording 30 fps/channel

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