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IDD-210 Small DVR
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Software Specifications:
Recording Normal, Recycle and Programmable recording


Normal and Detection-area alarm triggered

Auto-scan Support

During Recording and Monitoring modes, it will auto-enlarge 1 camera channel at a time

Storage Space Indicator

Show available free space on the HDD

E-map Function

For easy locating the triggered alarm, the disconnected or non-functioning camera channel(s)

Alarm Warning

Programmable warning message through Telephone line, Mobile phone or, sending images via email.

Live Video and Audio

Live or remote monitoring of video and audio at the same time

Group Authority

Password protected

Image Quality

Adjustable compression quality and recording frame rate


Recording, Monitoring and Playback at the same time

Printing Function

Snapshot clip, with information printed


LAN connection with other systems through TCP/IP Ethernet

Remote Function

Access for client system video, snapshot and record live images; navigate PTZ through I/O ports; set Motion-detection, set alarm and disable alarm

OS Platform

Windows XP Embedded in DOM

Internet Support

Support TCP/IP LAN and PSTN (56K Modem) Dial-up

• Easy installation with small 2U desktop form-factor
• Embedded Windows XP in DOM, free from HDD system crash
• Full Features:, Windows-based DVR application software bundled
• Support 4 video and 2 audio channels with up to 80 fps max in total
• MJPEG software compression technique
• Support Long-recording Hour with high data-compression rate
• Watermark on video data for Integrity support
• E-mail and e-map support for full alarm feature
• Remote function support through TCP/IP networking
Hardware Specifications:
Main Board Unit

Industrial-grade mini-ITX motherboard


Standard 4 Channels BNC jack


D-Sub 15 Pins VGA connector


Standard 2 Channels RCA jack

Display Resolution

NTSC 640 x 480 / PAL 640 x 576 Pixels

Recording Resolution

NTSC 320 x 240 / PAL 320 x 288 Pixels

Compression Technique

MJPEG software compression (Max. 80 fps for 4 channels)

Camera Control

Support most PTZ and Speed Dome cameras


Hardware timer, programmable

Backup Support

CD-RW, DVD-RW, DAT, MO, ZIP, and RAID Device

LAN Support

One 10/100 Mbps port for TCP/IP Ethernet

Storage Bay

One 3.5!¡L HDD drive bay

Keyboard / Mouse

PS/2 Connector

Power Supply

200W ATX Power Supply, 110 ~ 240V Auto-voltage

Recovery Support

Back to Auto-recording mode after recovery from power failure


325mm (W) x 220mm (L) x 90mm (H)

Ordering Information

IDD-210-4D 4 channels, MJPEG software compression, 120GB HDD and Windows XP Embedded installed
IDD-210-8A 4 channels, MJPEG software compression, 120GB HDD and Windows XP Embedded installed
IDD-210-8B 8 channels, MPEG4 software compression, 120GB HDD and Windows XP Embedded installed

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