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ICM137 P4 Mini iTX Case
with DC-DC Power Supply and 2-Slot PCI Riser Card

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- Mini-ITX system with provisions for two serial port connectors on the rear panel

- 2-Slot PCI riser card (Optional) for IBASE Mini -iTX boards.

- Clean front panel design with power switch and LEDS only

- Fits all IBASE mini-ITX form factor motherboards (memory max height 1.125")

- Low noise and lightweight

- Available in all black color or optional silver front panel

- Frontal accessible compact flash reader, USB 2.0, audio ports, and slim type Media Drive capability

- Built in 90W DC power board (120w Optional)

- 1 PCI slot available with PCI riser card included

- If the CD/DVD-Rom and Compact Flash reader are installed, 0.8" low profile memory must be used. Otherwise standard height memory can be used.

- Wall-mount brackets: Includes one set of L-mounting brackets and mounting hardware. Used for wall-or floor-mounting. Case mounting holes are on each side of the case.

Internal view with Riser card . 2 options
icm137 1pciicm137 2pci


Material: Cold rolled steel and Extruded Aluminum front panel
Finish: Black color paint and aluminum front panel with
-anodized finish
Front Access: CF reader, -Slim type Optical Drive
Dimension (WxHxD): 12.7"(322mm) x 2.7"(58mm) x 10"(254mm)
Cooling: One 4cm low noise fan

Main Board: mini-ITX form factor motherboard.
MB850, MB860, MB870, MB890, MB896, MB899, MB740, MB720

Drive Bays:
1 slim optical drive and 1 standard (3.5'') HDD

Internal Power Supply:
Built-in 90W DC power board
or 120w DC power board (Option)

External AC Adapter:
90Watts (For P4 motherboards):
-- Input (100~240 VAC)
-- Output (19VDC@6.32A)

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