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Product detail

Slim Size PC
Mini Desktop PC




The motherboard is all-in-one designed with 4 x AGP VGA,Audio sound and 10/100M Network chip build-in. This motherboard is design for both IBT-865GVII Slim Size PC and IBT-865GVIII Mini Desk Top PC, both IBT-865GVII and IBT-865GVIII are the new designed with ATX structure.


  • Intel Pentium 4 socket 478 CPU
  • Onboard graphics controller
  • Onboard Ethernet controller
  • Onboard audio controller
  • Printer port, two COM, USB2.0
  • HDD Drive Bay + 1 x CD-ROM.
  • EISA Slot (PCI/ISA)


Motherboard detail
CPU Type Socket 478 (Intel Pentium 4 )
CPU Voltage 0.8V~1.55V (VRD 10.0)
System Speed 2.0G ~ 3.4GHz+
CPU Operating Frequency 400 / 533 / 800MHz
Green /APM APM1.2
Chipset Intel 865GV Chipset
GMCH: 82865G 760 PIN FC-BGA
ICH5: 82801DB 421 PIN BGA
BIOS Award BIOS Support ACPI Function
Cache 128K/256K/512K/1M/2M Level 2 (CPU integrated)


82865G/GV built-in, AGP 4X

LAN Realtek 8110S LAN controller(10/100/1000Mb)
Audio ICH5 Built-in Sound controller + AC97 Codec ALC658 (Line-out, Line-in, MIC.)
Memory type 2 x DDR 2.5V PC266/333/400 DDR SDRAM( without ECC Function) DIMM Module, Max. capacity - 2GB
LPC I/O Winbond W83627HF: IrDAx1 Parallel x1, COM1(RS-232),COM2(RS232/RS422/RS485), FDC 2.88MB/1.44MB,Hardware monitor(3 thermal inputs,6 voltage monitor inputs , VID0-4 , 1 chassis open detection ,3 Fan Header)
Jumper selectable for +5V or + 12V at pin 9 of DB9 for COM 1 & 2
RTC/CMOS ICH5 Built-in
Battery Lithium Battery
PS2 Keyboard/Mouse
Winbond W83627HF Built-in
Local bus IDE ICH5 built-in ,IDE1,IDE2 (Ultra DMA 33/66/100 )
Power Connector ATX P4 type
Expansion slots EISA slot for PCI & ISA
USB (Universal Serial Bus) 4 ports ,USB Version 2.0, 2 ports in the front and 2 ports in the back side.
SATA 2 ports 2 ports serial ATA ports for HDD interface
IrDA (Infrared Ray) pin header ,This allows infrared wireless communication.
Watchdog Timer Yes ( 256 segments : 0,1,2,...255 sec/min)
System Voltages +5V,+12V,-12V,5VSB,+3.3V
Other Features: Modem Wakeup, LAN Wakeup

Case detail

Slim Size PC: 32 cm ( W ) x 33 cm ( L ) x 8 cm ( H )

Mini Desktop PC: 32 cm ( W ) x 33 cm ( L ) x 11 cm ( H )

Drive Bay

Slim Size PC: 1 x 3.5” HDD + 1 x 3.5” FDD or HDD + 1 x slim CD-ROM

Mini Desktop PC: 1 x 3.5” HDD + 1 x 3.5” FDD or HDD + 1 x 5.25” CD-ROM

Power Supply

Slim Size PC: ATX 300 watts switching power supply 110/230 V switchable.

Mini Desktop PC: ATX 300 watts switching power supply 110/230 V switchable.

Ordering Information

IBT-865GVII - Riser card: 2 x PCI Slots (standard)
a. 1 x PCI/ISA slot mixed ( optional )
IBT-865GVIII - Riser card: 1 x PCI ( standard )
a. 2 x PCI slots ( optional )
b. 1 x PCI/ISA slot mixed ( optional )

Packing list

  • Slim size or mini desktop case with ATX power supply installed.
  • The Socket 478 P4 all-in-one ATX type motherboard pre-installed inside the slim size or Mini Desk Top case.
  • 2 slots PCI Riser card pre-installed for MFII-865GV ; 1 slot PCI / ISA Riser card mixed pre-installed for MFII-865GV , if you have ordered the optional ISA slot riser card for it ; 4 Slots PCI riser card pre-installed for MFIII-865GV.
  • One 40 pins flat cable for HDD and CD-ROM Pre-installed on the all-in-one ATX motherboard.
  • One 34 pins flat cable for FDD pre-installed on the all-in-one ATX motherboard.
  • One 10 pins flat cable for COM 1 port pre-installed.
  • One 10 pins flat cable for COM 2 port pre-installed.
  • CPU and cooling fan with heat sink pre-install on the top of CPU. If you have ordered the system with CPU together.
  • 184 pins DDR DIMM memory module from 128MB up to 2GB, if you have ordered the system with main memory together.
  • One set screw pack which including the following:
    a. M3 X0.5 screws 12 pcs for FDD/CD-ROM and card installation.
    b. M3 X1 screws 4 pcs for HDD installation.
  • User’s manual 1 pcs.
  • Power cord.
  • CD-ROM disk software driver

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