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IBP-1604 Video Capture Card with MJPEG Compression


IBP-1604 supports four video channels with the Motion JPEG software mode video compression technique for long recording hour support; it can provide monitoring display at a resolution of 640x480 for a better viewing. The build-in sound chips record voice data at the same speed with video recording for two audio channels;, these Features: guarantee the quality of recorded images and sound data to be played back in "what you see/hear and what you get" performance.

This capture card is developed with "Image contract", "Separation of front and back image", and "Recording when movement detected" techniques, built internally for separating the motion objects and the compression process, to increase the speed and quality for the encoding and decoding; these also effectively extend the total recording time with a more compact HDD storage space need.

For PTZ and Dome camera support, users can control most of the cameras' movement such as the moving of the lens for up, down, right, left, turn, or in focus. Also, it can have the Iris control, the screen Zoom In/Out, preset of the Point, the Cruise, and the Auto-pan function. Beside these, the system also provides 8 I/O ports for the connection of any sensor device or detective equipment for I/O control support.


- Long recording hour support
- 4 video and 2 audio channels
- MJPEG compression technique
- Adjustable video recording quality
- Clear monitoring display
- Multitasking for Recording, Playback, and Monitoring
- Support PTZ and Dome cameras
- Supports TCP/IP Remote Features:
- Motion-detection supported

Hardware Specifications

Video In/Audio In 4 video channels of BNC jack / 2 audio channels of RCA jack
Recording Speed Up to 240 fps for 16 channels (using 4 cards together)
Video resolution NTSC: 640*480 / PAL: 640*576
Compression Technique MJPEG software compression
I/O Control Support 8 I/O pins
Watchdog Timer Support hardware type timer
Operating System Windows2000/XP Professional

Recording Mode
Normal, Recycling, and Programmable recording
Monitoring Mode
Normal, with Motion-detection Alarm Triggering, and with detection-area Alarm / Trigger Recording
Auto Scan
Auto-enlarge 1 channel/camera at a time for better viewing
Image Control
Controls Brightness, Contrast, Saturation and Hue
Available HDD/SSD space
Indicate the hard disk space availability
PTZ/Dome Function
Support Direct control of the dome camera to move up, down, left, right, zoom in/out, iris and focus, preset point setting and control, auto-pan and the cruise function.
Image Quality
Adjustable compression quality
I/O Control
Provide I/O ports control to let user connect with external equipments
Alarm Function
When alarm triggered, voice messages can be sent to preset telephone/mobile, or to send the images to designated email users.
Live Video/Audio Support live monitoring or remote access of video and audio.
Authorization setting System supervisor can set authorization in control of the system protection.
Multi-task Capability
Recording, playback, remote monitoring, and local viewing at the same time.
Printing Function Snapshot with date, time, place, and camera name.

Intelligent Search
Provide search by alarm-trigger tag.
File Mode
All video data files are saved and managed in order of Time/Date.
Backup Function
Backup with HDD/RAID, DVD-RAM/RW, CD-RW, DAT, and MO devices.
Provide play, stop, clip, dragging, and fast/slow playback functions.

Connect to remote systems through TCP/IP.
Remote Live Image Remote access and record the live image from the other host system.
Remote Control To remote control PTZ, I/O port and to set the remote alarm detective area, recording snapshot, activate or disable the alarm.
Remote Control Transmission
Support PSTN (56K Modem), Internet, Intranet, mobile


IBP-1604 Video Capture card, 2video/audio channels, MJPEG softwarecompression on-chip, PCI bus interface
SDK-1604 - Software Development Kit is available to customize your own DVR applications. Please contact us for the SDK.

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