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IBP-1308 Video Security
Recording Mode
Normal, recycling, and programmable recording modes.
Monitoring Mode
Normal, Monitoring with detection area alarm triggering, Monitoring
with detection area alarm and recording triggering modes.
Auto Scan
Automatically enlarge 1 channel/camera each time.
Image Control
Control the brightness, Contrast, Saturation and Hue.
Available HDD/SSD space
Indicates hard disk space availability.
E-map Function
E-map for locating the broken, disconnected, or alarm triggered camera

PTZ/Dome Function

Direct control of the Dome camera to move up, down, left, right, zoom in/out, iris and focus, preset point setting and control, auto-pan and the cruise function.

Image Quality

Adjustable compression quality.

I/O Control

Provide I/O ports control to let user connect with external alarm equipment.
Alarm Function
When alarm triggered, voice messages can be sent to preset telephone/mobile, or to send the images to designated email users.
E-mail function
Alarm triggered, to send images or snapshots to designated user.
Live Video/Audio
Support live monitoring or remote access of video and audio.
Authorization setting
System supervisor can set authorization in control of the system protection.
Multi-task Capability
Recording, playback, remote monitoring, and local viewing at the same time.
Printing Function Snapshot with date, time, place, and camera name.
Intelligent Search
Provide search by alarm-trigger tag.
File Mode
All video data files are saved and managed in order of Time/Date.
Backup Function
Backup with HDD/RAID, DVD-RAM/RW, CD-RW, DAT, and MO devices.

Provide play, stop, clip, dragging, and fast/slow playback functions.

Networking Function
Connect to remote systems through TCP/IP.
Remote Live Image Remote access and record the live image from the other host system.
Remote Control To remote control PTZ, I/O port and to set the remote alarm detective area, recording snapshot, activate or disable the alarm.
Remote Control Transmission
Support PSTN (56K Modem), Internet, Intranet, mobile

supports eight video channels with the State-of-the-art software video compression technique. It can a resolution of 640x480l. The built-in voice chips record voice data at the same speed with video recording. These Features: guarantees the quality of recorded images and sound in playback to be "what you see/hear and what you get" performance.


  • 8 video and 2 audio channels
  • Adjustable video quality for recording
  • Clear playback images
  • Multi-tasking for Recording, Playback, and Remote Monitoring
  • I/O and PTZ camera support
  • TCP/IP LAN function support
  • Motion-detection driven operation
  • Water-mark for data integrity protection
Video In/Audio In 8 video channels of BNC jack/ 2 audio channels of RCA jack
Recording Speed Up to 160 fps for 8 channels
Video resolution NTSC: 640*480/ PAL: 640*576
Compression Technique SMICT S/W compression rate: 1:40~1:2400 max.
I/O 8 I/O pins
Watchdog Supported
OS System Windows 2000 Professional


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IBP-1308 Video capture card, 8 video channels, 2 audio channels, MJPEG-1 like software compression technique, PCI bus.

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