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IBCF4401 Compact Flash to IDE Adapter
Product detail



Compact-Flash(CF) card is a moveable electronic solid-state-disk(SSD) with IDE interface. It's a small card with mass space. We have developed CF to IDE converter for your convenience. You can read CF card on IDE port.

CF card is low cost. It is widely used in notebook, PDA, portable instrument, or other industrial device. In electronic factory, people use CF card as hard-disk driver(HDD) to store test program, because of turning on/off power frequency will damage mechanical HDD.

Main Purpose

Computer peripheral device factory use it to tet mainboard, audio card, display card, etc. In these case need power on/power off frequency, the mechanical HDD will be damage easily. CF card is an electronic HDD, and not the same principle, will not be damaged under these case.

Portable instrument with X86 or RISC core normally have IDE interface, if the CF card can not connect to it directly, you can use this converter to do that.

Personal computer(PC): These computers with X86 Core, these is the main purpose. Some digital camera have CF card interface, you can use this converter to access your photograph data on your desktop computer.

Industrial PC use this converter and CF card to store embedded operating system(OS) such as LINUX or Windows CD. Also in industrial PC you can store data on CF card and thus makes data moveable.


  • Accord with: CF spec Version 2.0 and IDE/ATA-33 spec.
  • Standard IDE Interface: true-IDE mode, support DMA-33 transfer mode.
  • Support CF-I and CF-II: also support IBM micro-driver with CF-II interface.
  • IDE 44PIN female connector: plug card into IDE socket directly or connect to motherboard by a cable.
  • Master/Slave jumper: CF card on each side can be configured as MASTER or SLAVE.
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