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IB510 - NS Geode (BGA) 5.25-inch SBC
with VGA/Audio/LAN/TV-out

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NS Geode GXLV/GX1 (BGA package)


CPU Front Side Bus



NS Geode 5530A


Award 2Mbit Flash BIOS

System Memory

One 168-pin DIMM socket

Up to 256MB SDRAM modules

IDE Interface

Two enhanced IDE interface supports 4 IDE devices including UDMA/33, PIO mode 4 and bus master mode

FDD Interface

Supports up to two floppy disk drives: 3.5"(720KB, 1.44MB or 2.88MB) and/or 5.25"(360KB or 1.2MB); with 3 Mode support

Super I/O

Winbond 83977F and Winbond 83877TF

Parallel Port

One parallel port supports SPP/EPP/ECP

Serial Ports

Four RS-232 ports

Solid State Disk Interface

Optional CompactFlash adapter card supports CompactFlash modules


Pin header for 2 USB ports


Pin header for IrDA interface modules

Mouse Connector

Two pin headers for PS/2 type connector

Keyboard Connector

Two Pin headers for PS/2 type connector



Built-in VGA Function

NS Geode integrated

VGA Support CRT & LCD display

TFT LCD support

Onboard LVDS controller

15-pin headers for VGA CRT connector

Optional DXTN510 daughter card for DSTN

Built-in Audio Function

NS 5530A integrated audio controller

AC97 codec support

TV-Out Function (option)

The FT5-TV daughter card supports TV-out and has S-Video and AV connectors

Supports PAL and NTSC standards

Dual Ethernet Function

Two Realtek RTL8139C Ethernet controller

10/100Mbps data transfer speeds

20-pin headers supports two RJ-45 connectors

Expansion Slot

One 32-bit PCI slot

Other Features:

Digital I/O supports 2 input and 2 outputs

Watchdog Timer
Form Factor

5.25-inch Single Board Computer


203mm x 146mm (7.99" x 5.74")

Power Requirement

+5V: 3A, +/-12V: 200mA

Operating Temperature

0°C~60°C (32°F~140°F)

Storage Temperature

-20°C~80°C (-4°F~176°F)

Relative Humidity

10%~90% (non-condensing)

Ordering Information

IB510-300 - Geode GX1, 300MHz, 5.25" SBC with 2x RTL8139C LAN, VGA, Audio

IB510L-300 - Geode GX1, 300MHz, 5.25" SBC with 1x RTL8139C LAN, VGA, Audio

IB6 - Cable kit for IB510 (two LAN)

IB6A - Cable kit for IB510L (one LAN)

DXTN510 - Optional card for DSTN LCD support

FT5-CF - Optional card for Compact Flash card support

FT5-TV - Optional card for TV Out with S-Video and AV connectors


Question: How is IB510 different from FT510?

IB510 uses BGA packaged processors. It has extra functions including digital I/O, watchdog timer and an optional TV-out daughter card. (View IB510 with CF card and TV out card installed.)


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