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FWA-6105 5-LAN VIA CN400 Firewall / VPN Network Appliance System with 5 GbE LAN Ports or 5 FE LAN Ports

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CPU VIA Eden up to 1GHz

Chipset VIA CN400/8237

Memory 128MB memory on board
One 240-pin DIMMs up to 1GB DDR 266/333/400 memory

Network Interface Supports up to 5 LAN ports co-layout with Realtek RTL8110S-32 /
RTL8100C LAN controllers for GbE & FE LAN options

PCI Expansion One Right-Angle PCI slot and one Mini-PCI slot on board

Storage Internal HDD bay for 1 x 3.5" + 2 x 2.5"HDD (IDE & 2 SATA)
Onboard Compact Flash Socket Type II

USB Dual USB 2.0 ports on front panel, 2 x pin-headers on board.

Serial I/O One DB-9 Console connector on front panel
Two COMs 2x5 pin connectors on board

VGA Pin header on board

LCM Optional 2x16 characters LCD module

LED Indicator Power/HDD/By-Pass Indication LEDs and
5 General Programmable LEDs


    - Supports 5 PCI GbE LAN ports or 5 FE LAN ports
    - Optional Hardware Enable / Disable LAN By-Pass function on ETH 0 & 1
    - Supports VIA Eden EBGA / C3 EBGA
    - 5 programmable LED, Restore Software Default Settings Function
    - Optional 16x2 LCM for ease of control and operation
    - Low power and Fanless operated


    Operating Temperature 5 ~ 45°C
    Storage Temperature 0 ~ 60°C

    Operating Humidity 5 ~ 95%
    Dimension 44mm (H) x 430mm (W) x 393mm (D)
    Certification CE/FCC

Ordering Information

FWA6105-050V Entry-Level Rankmount VIA Eden appliance,
5 GbE LAN ports, w/LCM

FWA6105-005V Entry-Level Rankmount VIA Eden appliance,
5 FE ports, w/LCM

IIOLCM - LCD Smart Control and Display Module
RAIL01 - Sliding Rails Rackmount

CS-RLL0001 - Rackmount Bracket for FWA6105 / FWA9106

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