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Why eFlex?

Ever since the IBM 7531 brought x86 PCs into the realm of industrial computing, the industry has seen two distinct evolutionary paths. One of these spawned bulky, but highly configurable and expandable systems - such as those based on industrialized adaptions of ATX mainboards or PICMG CPU cards mated to backplanes. The other gave birth to increasingly compact embedded PCs - such as those based around 3.5" and PC/104 single board computers. With one class of solutions offering great expandability and configurability through multiple expansion slots, while another touting space and power efficiency with highly condensed designs, users are forced to choose between the flexibility and size.

With eFlex, that difficult choice is no longer necessary for many applications. eFlex bridges the gap between full sized computing solutions and micronized systems with a comprehensive industrial computing solution incorporating three main components:
• eFlex mainboards – small form factor with multiple expansion slots
• eFlex enclosures – standardized and interchangeable enclosures
• mPCIe, mSATA and Expresscard expansion boards – non-proprietary, readily available expansion cards

eFlex Enclosures

eFlex enclosures are mechanically interchangeable between eFlex mainboards (thermal dissipation capacity permitting). They feature standardized I/O bays and plates. At launch, We offers two industrial enclosure solutions – the slimline AFB100 and the double deck AFB200. The AFB100 offers a low profile (30mm) solution with one auxiliary I/O bay for mPCIe expansion cards. The AFB200 offers a double height configuration with three auxiliary I/O bays. Both chassis offer an externally accessible SSD/HDD bay and the option of either 12V or 6~34V DC power inputs.

eFlex Mainboards

Packed onto the compact 190 x 110 mm eFlex form factor are three (3) industry standard Mini PCI-E sized expansion slots, an Expresscard slot and a 2.5" SSD/HDD dock. There is also a standardized set of external I/O connectors affording full interchangeability amongst eFlex boards and chassis.

eFLEX Motherboard