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EB900 - AMD G-Series E105 Single Board Computer
Processor on Onboard

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AMD eOntarion G-Series Dual "Bobcat " Core Fusion Processor,
40nm FT1, 413-BGA , 19 x 19 mm
T56N=1.6GHz @ 18W TDP
T48N=1.4GHz @ 18W TDP
T40N=1.0GHz @ 9W TDP
AMD A55E "Hudson -E1" Fusion Controller Hub
TDP=6W (Max.) 413-BGA


AMI BIOS, ACPI supported
System Memory
DDR3-1333 for T56NT/48N;
DDR3-1066 for T40N
2GB memory Max onboard (4 x 256Mb x 16-bit),
Single-Channel Non-ECC, 1.5V
Integrated VGA
G-series APU on-die ATi Radeon "Evergreen" DirectX 11 IGX ;LVDS x 1 (1 st DP supporting LVDS) ;Hybrid DVI-I x 1 (2 nd DP supporting HDMI + RAMDAC supporting CRT) ;Full-HD HD video Decode (H.264/MPEG-4/ VC-1)
LVDS x 1 (1 st DP supporting LVDS 18-bit only)
PCIe Realtek 8111E GbE
RJ-45 on board
A55E FCH built-in HDA interface w/Realtek ALC269 2.0 channel Audio Codec; with DVI-I combine.
LPC / Multi I/O
Fintek F81801-I, SATA, RS-232
Serial Ports
COM1 / COM2 (RS232 only)
Serial ATA
Supports 1 port - direct SATA HDD/SSD 2.5 inch
A55E FCH built-in USB 2.0 host controller supporting 5 ports; 2 x USB 2.0 (external); 2 x USB 2.0 (internal);
1 x mini PCIe embedded USB link


- Designed for Fanless E105 form-factor platform
- Processor AMD G-Series Dual Core Fusion

- Video Processor of 80 core DirectX 11
- Integrated VGA supporting DVI-D and LVDS interface
- One DDR3 SODIMM sockets for 2GB memory
- Gigabit LAN, SATA, USB 2.0, PCIe

- Compact Design

Keyboard and Mouse Connector
USB only
Hardware Monitoring
MSP430F2330 + M41T81 (Power ON/OFF)
Watchdog Timer
256 Segments, 0,1,2...255 (Sec/Min)

Header Connection

E105 Standardized Internal I/O Header; COM (RS232) ;2.0 Channel Audio (Mic-in) ;2.0 Channel Audio (Speaker Level 2.3W, ALC-269 integrated amplifier) ;USB x 2 (USB 2.0 High Speed) ;PWR ;RST ;PWR-LED ;SATA-LED ;3-pin FAN header ;2-pin header for DC-in (12V @ 5A Max.) E105 Standardized LCD interface (LVDS or eDP) ;DF-13 LVDS (Single Channel, 18-bit only) E105 Standardized Expansion Interface ;Half-Mini PCIe(x1) slot [USB + PCIe(x1), 26.8mm x 30 mm] ; LPC expansion connector

Edge Connectors
E105 Standardized External I/O ; DVI (DVI-I; DVI + CRT) ; Audio out (Line-out) ; GbE (RJ45) ; COM1 (Yost type; RS232) ; USB 2.0 High Speed x 2 (Type "A"; Female)

Power Source
12v DC-IN 25w
Form Factor
E105 (Embedded 105mm)
105mm x 105mm

Environmental Factors:
Operating Temperature:
0°C~60°C (32°F~140°F)
Storage Temperature:
-20°C~80°C (-4°F~176°F)
Relative Humidity:
10%~90% (non-condensing)

EB900 Edge View
EB900 Edge Connectors

EB900 Solder Side

Ordering Information

EB900E AMD Embedded G-Series E105 SBC
EB900-16-SI AMD Embedded T56N APU 1.65GHz E105 SBC

Ready made solution using this product:
SI18 - Signage System w/ AMD T56N APU 1.65GHz, 2GB RAM,160GB HDD, 60W power adaptor
SI08 - Fa
nless Signage System w/ AMD T56N APU 1.65GHz, 2GB RAM,160GB HDD, 60W power adaptor

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