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BTC 5100 Mini Keyboard
Small and Ergonomic Professionnal Keyboard


The BTC 5100 is designed for use with LAN stations and small footprint desktop PC's. It is compatible with IBM's PC/AT & PS/2 systems. The BTC 5100 packs 101/102 key functions into a 80/81 key layout. It has the same high quality tactile feedback uses in BTC's stand size keyboard is professionally designed so mini that you can make the best use of your work evironment

Available in beige and black colors. Perfect for small PC, rack mount servers and industrial applications.

System Requirement

1. IBM PC or Compatible
2. Microsoft Windows NT 4.0, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows ME or Windows XP operating system
3. Microsoft Office 97 or later version (for Office Application keys and Enhanced Function keys)
4. PS/2 port


Key numbers: 80/81 (US/UK)
Input power: 5Vdc, 50 mA
Switch activation mechanism Conductive rubber
Travel distance: 3.5 +/-0.5 mm
Peak load before make (normal key) 55 +/- 20 g
Keyboard dimension: 297(L) x 151(W) x 39(H) mm
Keyboard weight: 0.65 kg

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