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I/O 4418A uPCI Parallel 2 ports Communication Card
Product detail



PCI Express Parallel communication board meets the new interface standard for expansion board. It is compatible with PCI Express x1, x2, x4, x8 amd x16 lane Bus, enabling this board to be installed in any PCI Express capable PC system. Majority of today's motherboard no longer come with parallel port, with PCI Express parallel board, users can add or expand 2 ports of parallel interface on their system, allowing them to connect their parallel devices. PCI Express parallel board is the advanced and high efficient solution for commercial and industrial automation applications.


  • Express two IEEE1284 Parallel ports on system
  • Designed to meet PCI Express Bases Specification Revision 1.1
  • Supports x1, x2, x4, x8, x16 (lane) PCI Express Bus connector keys
  • High speed SUN1888 Parallel controller on-board
  • Support IEEE 1284-1994 parallel port standard
        ECP(Enhance Capacity Port) / EPP(Enhance Parallel Port)
        SPP(Standard Parallel Port) / BPP(Bi-direction Parallel Port)
  • Certified by Microsoft WHQL, CE, FCC approval
  • Support DOS, Linux, Microsoft Windows 2000, XP and 2003
  • Ready for the Intel™ and AMD™ 32 / 64-bit CPU system


Parallel Communication
Interface IEEE1284
BUS PCI Express one lane (x1) Bus
Controller SUN1888
No. of Port 2 port
Port type Pin Header to DB25F
IRQ & IO Assigned by System
FIFO 32 byte hardware FIFO
Speed 2.7 Mbps
Mode ECP / EPP / SPP / BPP
Driver Support
Microsoft Windows 2000 / XP/ 2003 (32 / 64-bit)
Linux Linux 2.4x / 2.6x
Regulatory Approvals
Hardware CE, FCC
Software WHQL
Operation Environment
Operation Temperature 0 to 60°C
Operation Humidity 5 to 95% RH
Storage Temperature -20°C to 85°C

Item 4418A
Port 2
PCB Connector DB25F
Bracket Space 2
Dimensions 120 x 94 mm
Bracket Std. 121 mm
Application Commercial Automation

Package list

  • 4418A PCI Express Multi-IO Board
  • Pin Header to DB25F Connector Bracket set
  • User's Manual and Software CD ROM
  • Quick Installation Guide
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